Wave goodbye to clutter

goodbye to clutter

Getting rid of clutter is important. It can make us feel down and dampen our spirits, so you can’t afford to let it linger. But it is very easy to find any given room in a cluttered mess. It takes some hard work to declutter and organise, but saying goodbye to clutter is possible.

Do you love it?

Some people say that one of their favourite things to do when stressed out is to clean. It is easy to understand why, after all, cleaning gives order and purpose, even if we only do it in small chunks. That said, not all people love to clean and some find it hard to understand how you could enjoy doing it!

If you’re not one of those lucky types that enjoys decluttering, then don’t worry. It is possible for us all to get our homes sorted.

Doing a mass declutter

When we talk about decluttering, we are not just talking about moving around clutter from one shelf to another. We are talking about de-cluttering every room of your home. You need to say goodbye to the dust, goodbye to the junk and hello to room! Enjoy the space, breathe and move around! Now, doesn’t that sound amazing?

You just need the time and the inclination to get started!

Where to start…

If you want to get started, draw up a list of what you absolutely want done. Think about that leaning tower of Pisa papers in the office and tackle that room, before slowly into the living room.

If you see any piles of old photos that are just crying out to be placed in a photo album, then do it! How about those piles of clothing sitting at the bottom of the wardrobe, just waiting to be put away? Again, this is a task that will help you to feel more relaxed in your home.

Creating and sharing your list

Hopefully you’ll create a list of very workable, one-at-a-time chores that you can work through gradually. The idea is to get started and to tick your decluttering tasks off as you go. Then, by the time you get to the bottom of your list, you’ll have a beautiful, uncluttered home as your reward!

If you live with other people, don’t become discouraged if your attempt to enlist them falls on deaf ears. Just write the list of jobs down and encourage them to get on board.

If you’re honest, you might not want other people getting involved anyway. Some chores are best left to one pair of hands. That way you can be sure that the declutter will be done correctly.

So what are you waiting for? Say goodbye to clutter today!

If you want to keep on top of clutter, then consider setting decluttering as one of your monthly goals.