Top tips for dating where you live

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If you’re looking to date where you live, then you may think it’s impossible at the moment. But you’d be wrong. Just because meeting people in the real world comes with added complications at this time, doesn’t mean that all is lost. Here are my top tips for those that want to date where they live.

Join local dating sites

It’s a common misconception that you can’t date online locally. But it is possible. There are sites dedicated to dating in most areas. So, for example, those interested in a Fife Dating Site are able to join one, containing other locals that are looking for romance. It doesn’t have to be expensive either, as there are free dating options.

The first date

First dates can be daunting, especially if you’re going somewhere local where you may know people. So to keep it low key and to ensure you really have found the right match, many people have been enjoying virtual first dates. This really is becoming the new norm and it’s a great way of getting to know one another in a safe, unpressured environment.

Politely declining

We all know that not everybody you go on a date with will be a match. That’s all part of the dating world. If you have a virtual date with somebody and they’re not for you, then you can politely cut the virtual date short and let them know. This can be harder to do when you’re meeting people in person.

Fun online

You don’t have to stop at having a first date online. Many people decide to carry on having virtual dates, at least at first. It doesn’t have to be boring either. You could both order takeaway food and enjoy it together, enjoy a G&T or even watch the same film whilst sat virtually chatting.

Getting out and about

Once you’ve established that you may be interested in somebody romantically, you might want to take the next step, by going for a walk, or a picnic together. The beauty of finding a partner that lives close to you, is that they will be familiar with all the beauty spots that you know. For example, those that live in Fife may decide to go to Charlestown Harbour, Balbirnie Park, or Dunearn Hill Fort. You could suggest your favourite spot and ask them to do their same!

Go for a drink (in real life)

If you’d like to go for a drink that doesn’t take place virtually, then you could meet outside a pub or coffee shop. Just make sure that you check the local guidelines before you meet and keep things socially distanced.

Showing attraction

It can be tough to show somebody that you’re attracted to them, when you have to be socially distanced, or you’re only dating virtually. But it is possible to show them from afar. You could send them a token of your affection, or even engage in a bit of sexting! Provided it’s welcome of course. Test the waters before sending anything too risqué!

What are you waiting for?

If you’d like to find love or romance, then now is the time to seek it out! The global pandemic has made many think about what’s important. So if you’ve decided that you’d like some love and romance in your life, then join a site and get chatting to other locals now.