The importance of Kamala Harris’s victory

The image shows an American flag.

Kamala Harris is the vice president elect, making her the first female vice-president of the United States. This is a historic moment for women and girls across the globe, because it shows that women can achieve anything.

Harris, who is 56 years old, is also the first black and Indian-American person to be elected to this position. During a victory speech, following the win, Harris said that children should “dream with ambition”.

She also said: “while I may be the first woman in this office, I won’t be the last,” a comment which received a roar from the audience.

Harris’s mother, Shyamala Gopalan Harris, moved from India to America at the age of 9. Reflecting on this, Harris said to the crowd: “Maybe she didn’t quite imagine this moment, but she believed so deeply in an America where a moment like this is possible.

“So, I’m thinking about her and about the generations of women. Black women, Asian, white, Latina, and native American women throughout our nation’s history who have paved the way for this moment tonight.

“Women who fought and sacrificed so much for equality, liberty, and justice for all, including the black women, who are too often overlooked, but so often prove that they are the backbone of our democracy.”

Harris made the speech at the event in Wilmington, Delaware. It took place just hours after Harris and President-elect Joe Biden had clinched victory in a closely-fought election.

This is clearly a monumental occasion for America and Harris’s victory will inspire a generation of young women everywhere.