The best ideas for bucket list holidays

bucket list holidays - Japan

We all want to make the most of our time on this planet. For some it could be almost 100 years, for others maybe not even 30. We don’t know how much time we have on this here place we call Earth. Where do you want to go on your bucket list holidays? Let’s have a look at some top ideas.

Drive across America

Firstly, our bucket list holidays start with driving across America. The land of the free has so much to offer and many people wish to explore it by open-topping it down Route 66. The road from Chicago to Santa Monica offers loads of amazing places to experience but America has plenty of other places to visit too. Maybe you want to head into Alaskan bush or enjoy a week in New York City? Find your dream spots in the United States of America and plan your visit.

Bungee jump in Australia

Australia has so much to offer, from the hustle and bustle of the cities to the Blue Mountains and beautiful beaches. Tourist hot spots include Sydney Opera House but there are lots of hidden gems to discover as well. How about experiencing the only bungee jump in Australia? Overlooking the spectacular Cairns rainforest it is an event that will stay with you forever. Book your flights and organise those bucket list holidays.

Go as south as south goes

Has Antarctica always been somewhere you wanted to witness? This really is a once in a lifetime trip as the trip isn’t the easiest to make. However, when you get there, you’ll be able to watch whales, kayak in the icy sea and explore the remote white wilderness. There is perhaps no better sight to see than the Emperor Penguin colony at Snow Hill Island.

Explore the technology and culture of Japan

Next on our list of bucket list holidays is Japan. The culture of the Japanese is incredible. You can visit temples and enjoy authentic foods like you never have before. Of course, there is also the advanced technology of the country, with robots that can blow your mind. Enjoy the bright city lights of Shinjuku, witness the beautiful Cherry Blossom and climb the incredible Mount Fuji.

See the mountains of New Zealand

Do bucket list holidays come any better than visiting New Zealand? The backdrop to The Lord Of The Rings films, you can explore Hobbiton yourself. Enjoy the Sky Tower in Auckland, the beautiful Lake Wakatipu in Queensland and the waterfalls of Milford Sound, not forgetting the dominating Mitre Peak! Embrace Maori culture and be changed forever.

If you don’t currently have a travel partner, then you shouldn’t let that stop you. There’s a lot to be said for solo travel and when you go by yourself, you don’t have to make as many compromises.

Life is all about balance, so its important to make time for adventure such as these. However, bucket list holidays vary for everyone. There are lots of different places on the globe that we might consider visiting but there are also destinations near where you live that you may never have explored. We all have different things we want to accomplish and places we want to see in life. Write down your bucket list holidays and get them booked before it is too late. This is life, go live it!