The benefits of phone booths in the office & why they are important for personal privacy

Office phone booths

Phone booths within the office are becoming more and more popular. The benefits include less noisy work environments, decreased distractions and increased productivity. So how exactly can they help you? Here, we explain.

What are office phone booths?

Most of us know what a traditional phone box looks like and what it was used for. But you may not be familiar with how phone booths are used in an office environment.

In the past, people were afraid to talk on the phone due to privacy concerns. To fix this, many companies have started installing office Phone Booths in their offices. These boxes let employees talk privately on the phone, with a window for an outside view.

The workplace privacy problem has been a major concern for companies and employees all over the world. For a long time, there has been no solution to this problem, until office phone booths came along. These boxes are seen as a solution because they provide privacy, whilst being aesthetically pleasing, so they fit in with the overall look of the office.

The business case for implementing phone booths in the office

An office phone booth is one of the most underrated tools in the workplace. It can provide privacy and focus, which is often necessary to stay productive during the workday.

A phone booth can also save time, by reducing interruptions and increasing productivity. It’s a place that people can use to think without being disturbed. Additionally, an office phone booth may give workers more room for creativity, because they are not confined to their desks, or cubicles, when working on projects or giving presentations.

Protecting your private data

As an individual, your personal, social, political and economic data should be kept private at all times. But what happens if the bank calls whilst you’re at work? You might want to take the call, but naturally you won’t want the whole office hearing. That’s why Phone Booths are so handy.

If you work in a office then you may have a phone booth already. If you don’t then you should encourage your boss to install one, as it’s a great way of providing data security. You can go into the phone booth and have your private conversation in there. It means that your private information, including your date of birth and your address, can remain completely private.

You might think that it’s ok to disclose that stuff around your colleagues, but it’s important for us to protect our private data. Those details should only be disclosed on a need-to-know basis. Going into a phone booth also provides us with a sense of privacy which we all deserve when making personal phone calls.

Why you should use it

The phone booth design provides a physical barrier between the conversation and the surrounding environment. It is a simple way to ensure confidentiality, which is an important requirement for all businesses and employees alike.

Get used to taking private calls in there. Having some extra confidentiality will help you to feel better.

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