Should you ditch your high heels?

Do you wear high heels? If so, do you put them on for work, or save them for a personal event? You could ditch them full stop. Here’s why.

They are uncomfortable

I don’t like high heels, mainly because I don’t find them comfortable. They can rub, cause bunions and give you back ache. 

I do know that shoes vary, from pair to pair and from manufacturer to manufacturer though, so it may not be fair to classify all heels in the same way. However, many that I have tried have been uncomfortable and I’ve also been known to lose my balance whilst wearing them. Twisting your ankle is not fun and is more if you’re wearing heels.

Aren’t you working from home?

A lot of us work from home now, if you do, then why would you bother with high heels when you could wear slippers? You can’t see your feet on Zoom calls, so I’d opt for comfort every time. As a side note, if you are working from home, make sure you claim work from home tax relief if you’re entitled to it.

You don’t have to wear them

Twenty years ago, it was commonplace to see women in the office wearing high heels. But here’s the thing; you don’t have to wear them. Nobody can tell you it’s mandatory.

Government guidance was written on dress codes and sex discrimination, following a recommendation from the Parliamentary Women and Equalities Select Committee and the Petitions Committee. This guidance sets out how the law might apply in cases of sex discrimination where an employer requires female staff to wear particular clothing. This includes high heels, make-up, hair styles and revealing clothing.

The guidance is clear. It states that “a dress code could be unlawful if it requires female employees to wear high heels, with all the discomfort and inherent health issues these can cause, because it treats women less favourably than men”. The guidance also states that, whilst the policies for men and women do not have to be identical, the standards should be equivalent.

So there you have it, even the government says you don’t have to wear heels.  

What if you like heels?

If you enjoy wearing high heels then you should absolutely continue to wear them. You might find that a fun way of expressing your style. If that’s the case then continue. I am not here to tell you to sling your high heels into the bin, or to shame you for sticking on your stilettos, just to remind you that they’re never mandatory.