Should you run your home like a business?

running a home

If you look at the standard operating systems that are employed at work, you will see that there are certain things that need to happen to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Could some of these principles be applied to running a home? We think so. Let’s take a look.

Running a home – what work procedures could you adopt?

In the workplace, you have to be both organised and methodical. You could take up these types of procedures to to run your home like an organisation.

Your household will run smoothly if you also involve other family members in sharing responsibilities. Try to engage everyone, in one facet or another. In the workplace, this is known as delegating and it’s easy to do at home too!

If you can’t keep track of your family member’s activities and events, post it on a calendar. You can also make each person (who is old enough), responsible for adding their new events.

What’s involved in running your family and home like a business?

Each job that’s assigned must be clearly defined, depending on your family member’s age and skills. Children will be proud to contribute and they will learn responsibility in the process. You might also find that your kids begin to take care of their rooms better when they are in charge of it. This may not happen overnight, but it could happen in time.

You don’t need to have children to do this. If you live with university housemates, or other professionals, then these principles can till be applied.

Finding head office!

To establish a good working foundation, you need to set up a home base of operation. This will be the place where you keep your administrate papers, schedules, telephone numbers and other daily details. It can be located anywhere, so long as all administrative items are centralised.

You will not find a successful business with some papers on a desk, other papers in a bathroom, and a few scattered throughout the kitchen. So make sure you have a hub for this; a place where you focus on the organisation of your home.

Organisation solutions

There are a number of organisational solutions to put into effect in the household. If there is a particular problem area, a system can be adapted to solve the problem. In other words, if something does not work well, fix it. Come up with a method, or a system that will keep the problem from reoccurring.

For example, if you keep running out of certain bathroom items, put a pen and pad on the towel rack for you and others to mark down items that need to be purchased at the supermarket. If messages are not relayed, keep a message pad in each room, to insure messages are recorded and placed in a certain rank.

By creating organisation procedures and methods in your home, you will naturally become organised there.