Learn whilst playing online games at home

Three people playing a game on a laptop

In our house, we all enjoy playing games online. Myself, my husband and the kids. Culinary Schools gives  our household the opportunity to play something that’s education as well as fun. Not discovered the site yet? Here, I explain what it’s all about.

What’s Culinary Schools?

Culinary Schools is a website that offers around 100 different food-themed games. They vary in difficulty and they’re aimed at different age groups. Some kids as young as three or four will enjoy them, but older children and adults will have fun playing the more complex games as well. This site is free to use and there are lots of games available. There is genuinely is something for everybody.

My favourite game – Burger Time

The Burger Time game

My favourite game on Culinary Schools is Burger Time. The aim of Burger Time is to serve customers their orders. You can choose to serve a simple burger, a cheeseburger, a double cheeseburger or a mystery item. Different types of burgers are unlocked as you go along. The more complicated the burger, the more you will get for making them!

You will get paid when you deliver the right burger. Get it wrong and the customer leaves annoyed and you don’t get paid. The aim is to make as many correct burgers as possible within the time frame. You can see how many dollars you’re aiming to make in the bottom left-hand-side of the screen. If you make enough money, you’re able to proceed to the next level. If you don’t and you get too many angry customers, you’ll have to replay the previous level again.

This is quite a cut-throat game, but it illustrates just how on the ball you need to be to work in the hospitality industry.

There is music on throughout the game, but you can mute this if you’d prefer.

A favourite amongst my children – Veggiezilla

Veggiezilla is a fun and informative game where the player helps the character, Molly, to grow vegetables. This game is brilliant, not only are the graphics great, but your child learns as they go through the growing process.

With each item that you child grown, a different issue will come up and they’re asked to select an item to help them resolve the issue. It’s then explained how that item can help.

Playing Veggiezilla

As you work through the levels, old problems you experience in the garden present themselves again. This means that your child has to think back to what they learnt and select the right tool to solve the old problem.

Once the vegetable has been grown, it is weighed in at the Alaska State Fair.

Veggiezilla - weighing in veggies

If you’re trying to teach your kids where their food comes form then I highly recommend this game. The virtual growing experience is really fun. Their veg is weighed in and the characters within the game encourage the user to share fresh veg.

A fun resource

There are loads of games on Culinary Schools, each one offering something slightly different. The games all educate users in their own way. Some on food production, others on the hospitality industry. Overall, this site is a fun resource that the whole family could benefit from.

Note: this is a collaborative post.