Bossy Girl_ Finding Time To Read

Finding time to read: here’s how

There is nothing better than getting lost in a good book. Reading can be extremely beneficial if you make the time. Not only will your vocabulary and focus improve, but you’ll be able to relax. With life’s busy schedule, even the best intentions can fall by the wayside, so here are a few tips to finding […]

A group dining with friends.

How to make it through to pay day

Some months seem never ending. January is certainly one of them. How is it not pay day yet? If you’re struggling to make it through to the end of the month, with funds in your bank account, then continue reading. We have all been there; there’s just too much month in your pay period. You […]

Bossy Girl_An Early Night

An early night – the benefits

We hear this a lot, ‘oh you should get an early night’. I often plan these in my head and then fail to drag myself to bed as early as I’d like. There’s always something to do. Another show to watch, something to clean, work. Prioritising an early night has so many benefits but in […]

the wall art tool x 2 examples

Decorating my home with the help of Desenio

  Interior design isn’t really my thing, but I do love art. I just sometimes struggle to turn my ideas into reality. That’s why I was pleased to discover Desenio. This site makes finding, choosing, buying and hanging art simple. Here, I explain how. Creating a feature wall In my living room I have a […]

Three people playing a game on a laptop

Learn whilst playing online games at home

In our house, we all enjoy playing games online. Myself, my husband and the kids. Culinary Schools gives  our household the opportunity to play something that’s education as well as fun. Not discovered the site yet? Here, I explain what it’s all about. What’s Culinary Schools? Culinary Schools is a website that offers around 100 […]