Three people playing a game on a laptop

Learn whilst playing online games at home

In our house, we all enjoy playing games online. Myself, my husband and the kids. Culinary Schools gives  our household the opportunity to play something that’s education as well as fun. Not discovered the site yet? Here, I explain what it’s all about. What’s Culinary Schools? Culinary Schools is a website that offers around 100 […]

2022 goals

How to ensure that you stick to your financial resolutions in 2022

The New Year is a time for optimism and making plans to put our finances right. However, for some, a couple of weeks later, they face feelings of disappointment and failure. But 2022 doesn’t have to be the same as every other though, because there are some straightforward ways to make your resolutions stick. What […]

A woman at work

Are you tempted to change your job after furlough?

A lot has changes since the pandemic hit and millions have changed their careers since it hit. Recently, it was revealed that hundreds of thousands changed jobs and switched careers after furlough. And if they haven’t changed yet, many are still considering it. One in four employees (26%) were furloughed at some point. For those […]