How to save time and stay organised!

stay organised

When you lead a busy life, it’s important to stay organised. If you don’t, then you may find that you drop balls and forget important things. But how can you stay on top of everything? If you struggle to stay organised, here are some top tips.

Use a day planner

These books used to be used only by high-flying CEOs and school academics. But that isn’t the case the days. Anyone that’s anyone has a planner.

Take a look around and select the planner you like best. Make sure it suits your needs. You will find day planners in all materials and sizes.

Your planner will help you effectively lay out your day on paper, so you know where you are going and what you are doing. These days, planners come complete with money pouches, holders and computer disk carriers, so shopping around is definitely a good idea! That way you’ll get everything you need.

As well as using your daily planner, try setting monthly goals.

Use a family planner

If you have family at home, buy another planner for your entire brood. That way, everyone in the will family know what everyone else is up to and when. You can plan much better this way.

You should also consider buying one of those dry-erase boards. That way, you can put the most important information on there and use it to remind everybody on what’s coming up over the next couple of days. Place it up in a convenient location; in the kitchen, another high-traffic area in the house.

Learn to say “no”

You are only one person and you can’t do it all. Exercise your stress management techniques by saying “no” occasionally when you are asked to do things that are of little priority to you.

Saying know is important if you wnat to stay organised, because there are only so many hours in the day. You’ll also find that the more you say no, the easier it will become.

Take time to enjoy yourself

What makes you happiest? Spending time with your friends? Going out to the cinema? Visiting the spa? Attending sports or shows? Take a minute to think of what you love to do the most and then get out there and do it!

Schedule some simple self care and treat it like an appointment with yourself. Although doing something such as gardening may sound like a bit of a chore, if you find it relaxing, pencil it in.

Take time to do a good clean up

When was the last time you organised that junk drawer, or sorted through your fridge? Is it time to catch up?

At the same time, buy some new hooks and organise your purse and keys. When you walk in the door, they should be placed right there ready for next time. Chances are, you might be spending valuable time getting frustrated over missing items.

Make sure everything is located easily with a place for everything. That way, you will know where to look next time. Perhaps invest in some organisers. They sure are worth while when you find your life just that much more organised. It beats searching around for hours to find your keys.

Establish a good routine

Keep writing in your planner daily and keep scheduling time for yourself. Throw in the occasional “no” and get into a good routine. Stick with your new routine and you will find you will be happier and with much less stress.

You too can live an ordered life. Life really does not have to be a mess. Take a few steps to ensure that it is not and you will have time for the things that really matter to you most. You will have all the time you want for family, friends, work and more. And best of all, you will be sane. The number one benefit to being better organised is the boost it gives to your mental health!