How to make 2021 your best year yet

This is a 2021 sign on a gold background.

2021 has already thrown many of us a curve ball or two. You may be reading this whilst sat in national lockdown, you may be worrying about your job, or perhaps you’re wondering if this year’s holiday will go ahead. Whatever your predicament, it’s important to remember that you do have some control over 2021 and you can make this your year. Here are my top tips:

Move more

Exercise makes you feel better within yourself. So if you’re unable to get to the gym, then work activity into your routine another way. This could be through a YouTube workout, a simple walk, or a short run. Just do something. Trust me, you’ll feel better for it.

Eat well

What you fuel your body with will have a direct impact on your mind and your mood. So if your diet needs tweaking, do it. You can’t expect to perform well in life if your mind and body aren’t being fuelled correctly.

If you feel you can’t cook, then take some time to teach yourself. You could also look for some new recipes online.


By failing to prepare, you’re preparing to fail. Or so they say. Try to get organised so you can start the year right. Make a to-do list, write down the things you’d like to achieve and get stuff done.

Make sure you plan some trips too. After the year we have just experienced, you may want to visit a bucket list place or two. I know I am certainly itching to travel!

Set goals

It’s important to have an idea about the direction you’re travelling in, so set some goals. You could make daily, weekly, or monthly goals.

Some people find that making a vision board helps. This uses the law of attraction to bring positive things into your life.


If you want to boost your happiness and achieve your goals, then you need to connect with people that are good for you. You should aim to be around those that are positive. People that want you to achieve and to be happy.

Invest in yourself

If you’ve always wanted to learn a new skill, or to pursue a new hobby, then now is the time. You never know what opportunity could come your way as a result of learning something new. The most successful people in the world are constantly investing in themselves and growing their knowledge.

Practice self awareness

It’s important to understand your own wants, needs and desires. So listen to yourself and learn to recognise warning signs in your behaviour. If you can spot negative patterns when they start to form, then you’re more likely to nip issues in the bud.

If you tackle these areas, then you will find that you’re happier and more likely to achieve. You’re able to grab 2021, you have the power and you’re the person in the driving seat.