Finding love amongst the crowds


This is a collaboration.

When you live in a city, the thought of dating can be daunting. How on earth do you find somebody that you connect with when there are so many people? Throw in a global pandemic and restrictions and the ground becomes even trickier to navigate. But you can find love if you love in a city. Here, I explain my top tips.

1) The internet is your friend

At the moment, a lot of our lives are online. People that had never heard of Zoom and Microsoft Teams before the pandemic, now use those pieces of software daily. This tends to be in peoples’ professional and personal lives. So you should embrace this cultural change and those interested in Edinburgh Dating (for example), should join a site for local singles.

2) Online dating is the new norm

Millions of people now date online and it’s become the new normal to have your first date virtually. If you were wary before, for whatever reason, then now is the time to get onboard with virtual dating. As this is something which millions of people are embracing.

Your online dates don’t need to be boring either. You could do some virtual wine tasting, eat a takeaway together, or even watch a film. Have a think of your usual favourite dating activities and just do it virtually.

3) Things won’t change back instantly

The world is slowly starting to reopen. People are starting to meet up in pubs and restaurants. But things still feel very separate. It is no longer socially acceptable to start chatting to somebody in a bar (for example), as we all have to keep our distance. Who knows when this will change, but for now, striking up a conversation with a stranger in a public place is more difficult than ever.

4) Embrace our new reality

The world seems to have changed and the dating culture seems to have moved online. So it’s time to embrace it. Otherwise, you’ll perhaps be left behind and it will take much longer to find a suitable partner. Roll with the changes, give it a go and see what happens.

5) Enjoy rediscovering the city again with your date

If you live in a city, then the chances are that eventually you’d like to start enjoying that city again. If you join a site dedicated to Edinburgh Dating, then you’ll meet locals. That means, that once you’ve chatted with the person and you’ve found some common ground, you can rediscover the city together. Meet up and talk about what a crazy time it has been. Revisit your old haunts with your new date.

If you’re nervous about making that initial step into the real world, then make sure your first date is quite casual. Enjoy a stroll around Princess Street, or even go for an ice cream, or a coffee together. That first in-person date doesn’t have to be too pressured.

6) Be open, honest and positive

If you decide to start dating in any capacity, then it’s important to be open, honest and positive. If you don’t do that, then you won’t be giving your dating journey the chance it deserves.