Finding a love interest locally

Finding a love interest locally

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If you’re looking for love, then you may want to find somebody that lives close by. But many of us have found that our social lives have taken a massive dive over the past 12 months and it’s hard to know when that will change. So does that mean that meeting somebody who lives near you is off the cards? Not at all. You can find a date online who lives near you too. Here, I explain how:

The World Wide Web

The Internet is great, isn’t it? It allows us to connect with people, no matter where they live. It means that you can keep in touch with your childhood friend who now lives in the USA and you can have video calls with you auntie who relocated to Australia. But everybody uses the Internet, including those that live in your town or city, so you can connect with them too.

But how do you narrow it down?

I know what you might be thinking; how on earth can you meet somebody that lives near you when you’re swimming in a pond as big as the globe. Plus, not everybody that lives where I do will be looking for love.

But you can narrow it down by signing up to a local internet dating site. For example, those interested in Bedfordshire Dating can join a Bedfordshire Dating website, which contains other members that within that area.

How can you make it fun?

Just because you’re dating online doesn’t mean that you can’t make it fun! Having a first date virtually is the new normal and you could both have a coffee to make it feel like you’re in a coffee shop, or both have a glass of wine to make it feel like you’re in a pub. As things progress, you could even watch a firm together whilst logged onto a virtual chat, or share a virtual meal. Just because you’re dating remotely doesn’t mean that it can’t be fun.

Creating romance

You might think that dating online lacks romance, but that isn’t the case. Just because you’re dating somebody virtually at the start, doesn’t mean that you can’t send them a treat. Perhaps you could send flowers or post a letterbox treat. Of course, it doesn’t have to be a physical item, it could just be a romantic gesture. Who doesn’t like to receive a goodnight text? Or to get a picture message with a note that says “I saw this and I thought of you”?

Taking it into the real world

The time may come when you want to meet this person in real life. If you’ve been chatting, getting along and the law allows for you to meet, then why not? You could choose a local spot that you both like, or one could show the other their favourite place. The best thing is, you won’t be stuck for words because you’ll already have built up a connection virtually.

Is it worth it?

If you’re looking for love and you’d prefer your partner to live nearby, then internet dating is absolutely worth a try. You can make the virtual dates fun before transitioning into real-life dating.

Join a location-specific agency today and see where it leads!