Decorating my home with the help of Desenio

the wall art tool x 2 examples


Interior design isn’t really my thing, but I do love art. I just sometimes struggle to turn my ideas into reality. That’s why I was pleased to discover Desenio. This site makes finding, choosing, buying and hanging art simple. Here, I explain how.

Creating a feature wall

In my living room I have a large wall with wall panelling that I was keen to fill with some art. But I had no idea where to start. Luckily, the Desenio site has a Gallery Walls section, that I was able to use to see how different pieces of art would look alongside one another. This helped me to visualise how my wall art could look.

When you click on one of the wall art layouts that you like, you’re also told how much it would cost to purchase the whole thing. I think this is a handy feature, as I’m sure those images inspire plenty of people to recreate them in their own homes.

I like to have some matching frames on my wall that have a similar finish. But I also like to add a splash of variety. This was simple to do on the Desenio website, because there are hundreds of different options. You can opt for wooden, metal, or Moebe frames.

Three Moebe frames

Moebe frames consist of two pieces of acrylic glass. The frames themselves come in oak, or black aluminium and there’s a rubber band that holds everything in place. Some people use these frames to display pressed flowers, but you can put ordinary pictures in them too.

I’d never head of Moebe frames before shopping on Desenio and I’m really glad I discovered them, as they look fabulous on any wall.

As well as buying frames, there’s plenty of prints to choose between. Everything is grouped together, in sections such as ‘botanical’, ‘fashion’ and ‘illustrations’. I found this this feature of the site really handy, as it enabled me to navigate through and find wall art that suited my style.

The gift of art

After browsing through the Desenio website for a while, I found that there were lots of products on there that my friends and family would like. There’s a huge array of kids wall art, including animal illustrations, world maps, alphabet art and a teen art section. Some of the prints within the children’s section can also be personalised, which appealed to me. Some of my friends have children with unusual names, so I jumped at the chance of buying some unique art, that their child could keep. These items are all made to order.

personalised space print


I also decided to frame some family weddings pictures. When I combined the frames themselves, with the images and picture mounts, the finish looked really professional!

The Desenio shopping experience

I was very impressed by how smooth the Desenio shopping experience was. Not only is the site super easy to navigate, prompting me to add extras into my cart that would come in useful, but delivery took less than a week. The items that were made to order arrived separately, but the other items all came together in one big box. I was warned that the items may be distributed at different times, so I did expect a split order. Everything was well packaged and the quality of the products is second to none.

I wouldn’t hesitate to order from Desenio the next time I’m in the market for some wall art. Try it for yourself, it really does make finding, choosing, buying and hanging wall art easy.

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