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City dating in 2021

This is a paid collaboration. I live in a city, so I know how tricky it can be to navigate the dating world against that backdrop. There are lots of people around and you may see somebody once, but never again. Throw in a global pandemic and things get even more complicated. So how can […]

Spring giveaway – win products worth over £350

Who doesn’t love a good pamper? I know I do and self care is so important, especially when things feel uncertain, as they do right now. Over this past twelve months, I’ve tried to dedicate some time to looking after myself, which has meant finding the time for baths, face packs and a bit of […]

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Giving online romance a try

This is a collaboration. If you’ve been considering looking for love and romance online, then now really is the time to try. Here, I explain why you should give it a go. It’s so popular Online dating isn’t the taboo activity it once was. It is now one of the most typical ways for people […]

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Top tips for dating where you live

This is a collaboration. If you’re looking to date where you live, then you may think it’s impossible at the moment. But you’d be wrong. Just because meeting people in the real world comes with added complications at this time, doesn’t mean that all is lost. Here are my top tips for those that want […]


10 lockdown activities to inspire creativity

This is a collaboration. It has been a year like no other, with millions of us being stuck in lockdown at home. But many people have used that time to get creative. So what are best lockdown activities to inspire creativity? Here, I explain: 1) Knitting and crochet If you can knit or crochet, then […]

Finding a love interest locally

Finding a love interest locally

This is a collaboration. If you’re looking for love, then you may want to find somebody that lives close by. But many of us have found that our social lives have taken a massive dive over the past 12 months and it’s hard to know when that will change. So does that mean that meeting […]

Virtual love!

How to date in 2021

This is a collaborative post. A lot has changed over the past 12 months, including the way that we date. Many people have been forced to date virtually due to national restrictions. But, with a little imagination, it is possible to enjoy your dating life, you just have to adapt things slightly. The new normal […]

Have you been inspired to explore BDSM?

This is a collaborative post. Have you been wanting to explore BDSM? Perhaps a film, a book, or a documentary has pricked your interest and you’d like to take it further. Continue reading to find out how it still possible to explore, even during a pandemic. What is BDSM? According to Wikipedia, BDSM is “a […]

Win a huge Christmas prize bundle

This year has been a strange one. Many of us have found ourselves in predicaments we couldn’t have predicted this time last year. Becoming out of work, working on the front line of a pandemic, being furloughed, feeling stuck at home, being unable to see loved ones and home schooling are just some of the […]