Take a break with a classic game

It’s important to have some time out every now and again. I find that this is especially important during the working week. I’ve always enjoyed playing games, but getting out board games isn’t always practical. To get around that, I have found a website where I can play some of the classics for free. This […]

Autumn giveaway

Win a Halloween bundle

This year I plan to embrace everything. House parties, cocktail nights, pumpkin patches, theatre shows, firework displays, Christmas, the lot. I really missed being able to enjoy seasonal events last year, so now that we can get back out there, I am embracing it all. I am even considering having a Halloween party for son’s […]

Renting vs owning a house and the impact on retirement

Renting v’s Buying – and the impact on retirement

If you’re a young person, then you may feel that renting has a lot of positives over buying a property. When you rent, you have flexibility and you don’t have to raise a massive deposit to move, or deal with any of the complexities that come with house ownership. But as we get older, does […]

August Giveaway

Your chance to win a £50 Amazon voucher

I love being given the opportunity to win a voucher, especially if it’s something I’ll definitely use. In our house, Amazon vouchers are as handy as having cash in our wallet. I know we will spend they, so I welcome the opportunity to get my hands on them. Amazon vouchers have helped us out a […]

Giveaway – win a hamper

Every girl needs to take some time for herself once in a while. In fact, let’s be honest, every woman, man and person need to do it. But sometimes we don’t, so I wanted to stop you in your tracks and give you a reason to stop and unwind. I’ve teamed up with a bunch […]