Bringing up boys differently

To a degree, I believe that we should be bringing our kids up the same, regardless of their sex. We want them all to be kind and honest and we also want them to nail key life skills, like crossing the road, cooking pasta and navigating the internet safely. But as the mum of a […]

Describing a leader

A leader is often somebody that can sees the improvements that need to be made and then empower others to achieve those things. But what words do we commonly use to describe good leaders? I think we’ve all probably experienced a good manager and a bad one. Just because somebody received a job in a […]

The word 'bossy' on a floral background wall.

Embracing the word ‘bossy’

According to the dictionary, a “bossy person” is always telling people what to do. But when was the last time you heard a man referred to as “bossy”? It’s a word that is almost exclusively used to describe girls and women. “She’s very bossy…” I’m sure we have all heard a little girl called “bossy” […]