choosing the right side hustle

Choosing the right side hustle

Side hustles are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. If you want to make some extra money, but can’t get a pay rise or a new job at the moment, then side hustling may be an excellent alternative. But how do you start? And how do you make sure you’re choosing the right side hustle? Side hustle […]

family of three

How much do children actually cost?

Have you ever wondered how much children actually cost? Obviously we know kids don’t come cheap, but did you know that they could set you back a whopping £96,416? According to research from HL Savings & Resilience Barometer (dated July 2023), couples with kids spend an average of £5,356 more every year than couples without. […]

Is red wine good for you

Is red wine good for you?

Red wine is often lauded as a health drink, but what does the evidence actually show? Could it help improve heart health, prevent cancer and other diseases? Does it also promote weight loss? Let’s take a look at the research to see if there are any real benefits to drinking it. Is red wine good […]

the cope method

Ways that the Cope Method can help you

When it comes to balancing friends, family, a home and a career to boot, you have choices. If you find that life sometimes seems like it’s just too much, the cope method can help. Practicing the Cope Method From an outside perspective, I would say that the secret to success in organising is the ability […]

stay organised

How to save time and stay organised!

When you lead a busy life, it’s important to stay organised. If you don’t, then you may find that you drop balls and forget important things. But how can you stay on top of everything? If you struggle to stay organised, here are some top tips. Use a day planner These books used to be […]