goodbye to clutter

Wave goodbye to clutter

Getting rid of clutter is important. It can make us feel down and dampen our spirits, so you can’t afford to let it linger. But it is very easy to find any given room in a cluttered mess. It takes some hard work to declutter and organise, but saying goodbye to clutter is possible. Do […]

accepting yourself

The reasons why accepting yourself so important

If you’re looking for ways to improve, then accepting yourself is essential and you might want to look at your self image. Do you accept yourself for who you are? And by that, we mean, do you fully and unconditionally accept yourself? Before you dismiss these questions as nonsense, think about it for a minute. […]

mindful exercise

How are exercise and mindfulness connected?

Exercise is something that you might not immediately associate with mindfulness. But the mind and body are intimately connected. That means that what affects one, affects the other. This means that exercise a great way to improve mindfulness. Movement and activity Mindful movement and mindful activities are common variations on the mindful meditation practice that […]

making an appointment with yourself

Do you need to make an appointment… with yourself?!

How does your schedule look at the moment? Do you have plenty of time for everything you want and need to do, or are you short on time? This can be a busy time of year, so if you’re low on time, it’s time to take stock. Ignoring your needs because life got busy If […]

save money on organic food

How to save money on organic food

Organic food is considered to be healthier than conventional food. But it is typically more expensive. So how do you save money on organic food? Let’s take a look. What is organic food? You might be wondering what makes organic food different. Well, it is grown without the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, genetic engineering, […]