A woman at work

Are you tempted to change your job after furlough?

A lot has changes since the pandemic hit and millions have changed their careers since it hit. Recently, it was revealed that hundreds of thousands changed jobs and switched careers after furlough. And if they haven’t changed yet, many are still considering it. One in four employees (26%) were furloughed at some point. For those […]

Wine and chocolate hamper

Win a wine and chocolate hamper

Who doesn’t love wine and chocolate? And even if you don’t, you can’t deny that it’s handy to have a stash in the cupboard. With that in mind, I have teamed up with a group of other bloggers, to offer you the chance to win a wine and chocolate hamper. If you would like to […]

Take a break with a classic game

It’s important to have some time out every now and again. I find that this is especially important during the working week. I’ve always enjoyed playing games, but getting out board games isn’t always practical. To get around that, I have found a website where I can play some of the classics for free. This […]

Autumn giveaway

Win a Halloween bundle

This year I plan to embrace everything. House parties, cocktail nights, pumpkin patches, theatre shows, firework displays, Christmas, the lot. I really missed being able to enjoy seasonal events last year, so now that we can get back out there, I am embracing it all. I am even considering having a Halloween party for son’s […]

A rack of clothes

How to make your clothes more sustainable

Clothes may not seem like the more wasteful item we own. After all, we wear them for a reasonable amount of times before we throw them away. But are there more sustainable approaches to clothing? Can we select more environmentally friendly materials? Used clothes If you source them from the right place, used clothing can […]