drinking white wine

How long does white wine last after opening?

I know what you’re thinking; it’s not often that you have white wine leftover. But all jokes aside, occasionally, we all find ourselves with vino at the bottom of a bottle. But is it worth keeping? And how long will it last before it goes off? It isn’t actually as straightforward as you might think. […]

June 2022 Giveaway

Get Summer ready with this competition!

June is here, so it’s time to get summer ready! After all, some of us are managing to (finally) jet away, after months of Covid restrictions. Airport delays dependant of course! And for those of us that aren’t managing to leave the country, there’s a heatwave on its way. So hopefully we will all be […]

April 2022 giveaway

Treat yourself – win a £50 Amazon voucher

Here at Bossy Girl, we don’t really need an excuse to treat ourselves. After all, self care is essential and although looking after yourself isn’t all about face packs and bubble bath, we think those things help. We are going to level with you though, with the price of just about everything going up, we […]

Going for a run

10 simple self-care activities that you can try

Many people want to take better care of themselves, but sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start. Even if the solution, on the face of it, might be quite simple. People tend to want to find a better balance between their work and life and taking some time out to refocus on […]

How to choose your housemates

How to choose your university housemates

If you went into halls of residence for your first year at university, you wouldn’t have got a say in who you lived with.  However, from the second year onwards, you’re left to find your own accommodation, which begs the question: how to choose your university housemates?  Finding somewhere to live and choosing who to […]