the cope method

Ways that the Cope Method can help you

When it comes to balancing friends, family, a home and a career to boot, you have choices. If you find that life sometimes seems like it’s just too much, the cope method can help. Practicing the Cope Method From an outside perspective, I would say that the secret to success in organising is the ability […]

stay organised

How to save time and stay organised!

When you lead a busy life, it’s important to stay organised. If you don’t, then you may find that you drop balls and forget important things. But how can you stay on top of everything? If you struggle to stay organised, here are some top tips. Use a day planner These books used to be […]

damaged skin

How to fix a damaged skin barrier

Our skin has many different layers that all work together to keep you safe. The topmost layer, called ‘stratum corneum’, or, more commonly, ‘skin barrier’, is often compared to a wall due to its thick, protective nature. The skin barrier is made of hardy skin cells and mortar-like lipids that hold it together. Basically, on […]

running a home

Should you run your home like a business?

If you look at the standard operating systems that are employed at work, you will see that there are certain things that need to happen to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Could some of these principles be applied to running a home? We think so. Let’s take a look. Running a home – what work […]


Archaeological wonders to see at least once in a lifetime

The world is full of amazing archaeological landmarks that are an important heritage of humankind’s history. They’re ever-changing landscapes that provoke boundless curiosity and an exploratory spirit leaving you yearning for more discoveries. If you wish to take a historical journey, you may wonder which sites are a must-visit.  Below are incredible sceneries that should […]