10 lockdown activities to inspire creativity


This is a collaboration.

It has been a year like no other, with millions of us being stuck in lockdown at home. But many people have used that time to get creative. So what are best lockdown activities to inspire creativity? Here, I explain:

1) Knitting and crochet

If you can knit or crochet, then the chances are that your needles and your hooks have come out during this past year. Knitting is a great way to express your creativity. You can make all sorts; kids’ jumpers, scarves, gloves and blankets. Part of the fun with this activity is choosing the pattern, the wool and the colourways.

During the pandemic, people also crocheted trinkets to show their loved ones that they cared. My local hospital also asked crafters to make pairs of hearts, so that one could be given to the patient and one to their loved one. This became a lovely way to show love, care and creativity through crochet.

2) Painting

Painting can take many forms, ranging from a wall in your house, to delicate a water colour. I personally painted with my little boy throughout lockdown. We made cards for his relatives and pictures for his grandparents.

There’s something for everybody when it comes to painting. It’s a great way to get creative!

3) Salt dough

Salt dough is a craft that many associate with toddlers and don’t get me wrong, it’s the perfect activity for them. It is a safe material and it’s very easy to make. But it isn’t just for kids and throughout lockdown many have experimented with this craft.

The beauty of this craft is that it’s so simple. You make your item — perhaps using cookie cutters and cut-out shapes, bake it and paint it!

To make one ball of salt dough, you need:

  • A cup of flour (approximately 250g)
  • Half a cup of salt (approximately 125g)
  • Half a cup of water (approximately 125ml)

You then mix the ingredients together to form, a ball. Once you have your ball of dough, you model it and place it in an oven (on its lowest setting) and leave it in for around three hours. You then leave it to cool, before painting it. This craft is great if you want to get experimental, because it literally costs pennies, so you can try anything out without worrying that it may end up in the bin. Because if it does, you just start again.

4) Labelling

Lockdown has given us all an excuse to tidy and to get organised. This may mean that you’ve spring cleaned your wardrobe and your kitchen cupboards. Perhaps you’ve even created your own tea and coffee pots with lettering on. If this is something that you fancy trying, then click here for free fonts

5) Embroidery

Embroidery is a very relaxing craft that virtually anybody can try. If you’re not experienced, then you can try embroidery by numbers. A hoop will also help you to keep your material in place.

You can embroider for somebody else (perhaps you could make a card or a cushion as a gift), or maybe you’d like to make something that will fit in with your living room décor. If there’s a wedding coming up, then you could make the happy couple a cross stitch depicting the date.

6) Stone trail

One particularly lovely lockdown activity involved painting stones to add to a stone trail. This meant that walkers had something to look at during their walks. The stones could depict anything at all. Some people drew colourful pictures on theirs, whilst others added inspiring words and phrases. 

If your village hasn’t had a lockdown stone trail, then perhaps you could start one? Or create your own in your garden! 

7) Rainbows

Back at the start of lockdown, people made rainbows to display in their windows. These rainbows were created to thank the NHS and they became a symbol of hope. Whilst some people painted rainbows, others got even more creative by experimenting with different crafts. Cloth, crochets and clay rainbows were made up and down the country.

8) Cooking

As we have been unable to visit restaurants to eat, some people have got creative in the kitchen, by trying new recipes. Not only have people been trying new things, but they’ve also allowed their imaginations to run, by creating their own recipes.

9) Gardening

When the weather has been favourable, some people have taken to their gardens. This lockdown activity has allowed people to get creative, not only with their flower beds, but by making garden furniture.

10) Blogging and podcasting

Another lockdown activity which has inspired creativity is blogging and podcasting. These activities have allowed people to write and talk about their other hobbies and interests.